Pre-Rental Inspection and Responsibility: Before you start using the (e-)bike you've rented, it's your job to make sure it's working properly. If you notice any issues or damages, you need to tell the rental company before you use the bike. Write down any complaints about the bike's condition in the rental agreement.

Damage Liability: You're responsible for any damage that happens to the rented e-bike, its equipment, or accessories while it's in your possession. You must take steps to prevent theft or vandalism of the bike. If there's damage beyond normal wear and tear, you have to cover 100% of the repair costs. Report any damages to the rental company when you return the bike.

Theft Reporting: If the bike gets stolen, you have to prove that you secured it properly when the theft occurred. You're also responsible for checking all the keys provided.

Liability Exclusion: The renter is not liable for personal injury or property damage unless it results from a severe breach of duty. You'll also need to pay for costs related to damages, like expert assessments and depreciation. Understand that the rental company isn't responsible for accidents or other incidents during the rental period. You confirm that you've received thorough instructions on operating e-bikes.

Knowledge of Traffic Regulations: You must know and follow all the traffic rules when you ride the e-bike on public roads. You declare that you're qualified to use the e-bike and are physically and mentally fit. You agree to follow all the valid traffic rules while using the e-bike.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions: By signing this contract, you acknowledge and agree to the Terms and Conditions (AGB) of Bike Arena Zermatt GmbH.