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We are proud and happy to wholeheartedly support individuals in this field. Our sponsorship is a matter of the heart that fills us with passion. Together, we boldly explore new paths and make every effort to accompany our athletes on their journey to success. Welcome to the family!

Swiss Enduro Series


Marcus not only has a steady hand in our workshop, but he is also a highly talented enduro rider with a lot of ambition. Always wearing a smile and fueled by a great desire to explore all the bike hotspots around the world, he has recently discovered his passion for enduro racing and successfully participates in the "Swiss Enduro Series."

Equipped with his bike van, a fresh coffee in the morning, and a critical but affectionate look over his bike, he embarks on training sessions for the races. Afterward, it's all about optimizing and perfecting every setup to perform as well as possible during the race.

The challenge of synergizing himself and his bike within those 3.40 minutes is what fascinates him. So many factors come into play, and they all need to work together like a Swiss clock to extract maximum performance.

Marcus is an absolute perfectionist, both on the bike and in the workshop. When he's not riding his bike, he's turning wrenches. How could we not support someone with such a passion?

We're thrilled to have you on the team, dear Marcus. Ride on!

Marcus Team Bike Arena Zermatt Hell of a Rider Endurist mit Leib und Seele Mechaniker und Rennfahrer

Swiss Enduro Series


Dominic is the newest addition to the Bike Arena family, currently undergoing training as a bicycle mechanic, and making waves in the bike racing scene.

With anything that has two wheels, Dominic fearlessly navigates his surroundings. He's wild, adventurous, loves speed, and is far from getting his fill. Currently torn between his childhood love, downhill biking, and his growing interest in enduro, he feels at home on both types of bikes. While he hasn't discovered all the trails in Zermatt yet, thanks to his, let's say, slightly intense work schedule during the summer, nothing stops him from riding. He spends every free minute on his two favorite wheels.

The summer of 2023 provided him with a taste of racing, but come summer 2024, it's serious business as he plans to participate in several races in the "Swiss Enduro Series." With his talent and charm, he has all the prerequisites to become a successful racer.

We're excited to have you on the team, dear Domi. He is a hell of a rider!

Dominic Jung Wild und Nicht Zu Stoppen Biken für Sein Leben Gern

Cross-Country & Enduro


Larissa's journey into mountain biking began about ten years ago when she transitioned from long-distance running and trail running to cycling. She is immensely fascinated by the challenges of this sport, especially with her cross-country and enduro bikes. Exploring the beautiful mountains around Zermatt and engaging in exciting bikepacking adventures in new countries and cities are among her passions.

At 27 years old, Larissa resides in the picturesque Rapperswil-Jona SG. Although not originally from the Valais region, she has a strong connection to the area due to the challenging and technical terrain that she greatly appreciates.

Among her unforgettable races, the Cyclocross World Cup in Tabor and the Cross-Country Marathon World Cup in Finale Ligure hold a special place.

Larissa's goals for this season include the upcoming World Championship and the Swiss Epic, both highlights of her MTB career. She will also participate in some smaller cross-country races to showcase her skills on various terrains. In winter, Larissa will focus on cyclocross and gain international experience by participating in races throughout Europe.